Otzar Tarbut (Precious Culture)  is a public relations office that strives to promote Education and  Culture in Israel. Our office assists talented artists and institutions to build a positive image among their target audience, and to help them succeed and realize their goals.

The office was established by Ms. Hilla Komem in 2004 and has since developed extensive media connections in the areas of culture, education and leisure. The office employs unique and quality business technique, and provides marketing tools that assist his performing clients attract new audiences and purchasers. It's weekly newsletter reaches dozens of thousands email boxes on a weekly basis.

Our office specializes in strategic consulting, marketing communication writing, and initiates  creative public relations events. Yehuda Koren handles all aspects of artist management.

We believe that through  promoting  culture and education, we strengthen the harmony among our fellow man, thus leading to a better existence for the world in which we live in.  You are welcome to  join us, sign up for the newsletter, and together we can build a better future.